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MEMBERS of lotto syndicates were reminded today to put their agreements on paper after a row erupted over a ticket.
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Being part of a Lottery Syndicate that wins £millions should mean that you can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. Sadly, heated and bitter disputes due to dishonesty, theft of winnings or withholding payment are resulting in more and more lottery syndicate disputes ending up in court. All because these players haven,t protected themselves with a legally-binding Lottery Syndicate Agreement.

Amazingly, 79% of lottery syndicates still rely on verbal agreements that are worthless in a court of law. When your lottery syndicate wins the big prize what could you do if one of your lottery syndicate members ran off with your winnings? How could you prove it?

Fortunately, our legal experts have developed an iron-clad Lottery Syndicate Agreement. Arguments over non-payment or false claims can easily be avoided - now, with our Lottery Syndicate Agreements, no one can get their hands on your big winnings. Not even the Taxman!

We believe we have developed the simplest and most complete Lottery Syndicate Agreement available in the UK today.

If you find a better National Lottery Syndicate Agreement we,ll give you a no-quibble 100% refund, GUARANTEED.